Is Now the Right Time to Sell?

As we progress through fall and into winter, I wanted to give you a quick market update. So far, it has been an amazing year for real estate. Summer is usually the hottest time for the market and when autumn sets in, people feel as if they should wait out the market until spring. Historically, the middle of summer is always the peak time for real estate with the sales volume dropping going into fall. This year is following the same trend; however, September 2013 is 30% higher in North Texas than it was last year. There are more homes selling versus homes coming on the market now than in the last 10-15 years. Although we always hear summer is the best time to sell, right now that isn’t the case. If you were to list your home now, you would have less competition at any point in the last decade.

With these big opportunities, I wanted to point out a few things about listing your home in the fall and winter months. You will typically have fewer showings; however, the showings will be much higher quality. If someone is coming to look at your home in the middle of the holidays, you know they’re for real. Another benefit of buying now is that if you were to buy your home in the spring, you would be able to write a non-contingent offer since your home is already sold.

With the market set up perfectly to sell, I would like to offer you a free home evaluation. I will sit down with you and analyze exactly what is happening with your home in your immediate area and figure out if the right time to sell is now. If you’re interested, call me at (817) 635-1019 or email me at I look forward to talking to you soon.